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A Dog with a Job and now a VLOG

Not a lot of people know this, but when he isn't running a successful Urban Dog Outfitters (*cough*), our little CEO has another very important job. That of official Office Dog at a pretty cool London social media agency called Gravity Thinking.

Its all the rage don't you know. The fuzzier pick me ups are key to a happy office. How do we know this? It isn’t just us who thinks getting a professional pooch for the office would be an awesome idea; it turns out science might be on our side too!

Besides improving office morale, de-stressing the day, helping employee satisfaction and retention and boosting productivity here are some other ways a dog like Duke can just make the day better. Dogs rule.

If you're having a bad day or just finished a particularly brutal meeting, your office dog is there for support (and cuddles).

" I agree Paige, that was a totally unreasonable request?!..... keep on massaging though."

"Forget about that budget Ben....Lets PLAAAAAAY!"

Your boss will find it impossible to yell at you with a cuddly creature sitting on your desk. Its aways best to get a second opinion on some of those NB presentations.

"Brian I said more Bacon, Dammit!"

Your office dog will gladly keep your desk chair warm for you while you’re in a meeting. Or if your office dog is a lil diva like our Duke than he'll keep your lap warm too!

An office dog will build stronger relationships at work.

When other companies or clients visit your office, they will literally do whatever you ask of them. Because. You have. A dog.

The amount of selfies you can take with an office dog? Endless. This is Micheala. She's my favourite.

Everyone can take turns walking the dog, forcing even the most insane workaholics to get some fresh air.

We catch the train early in the morning. We've got to know the most commuters and they look out for Duke in the mornings now. We bet there are plenty of Londoners sitting in important meetings with Duke fluff on their blazers!

Our walk in the morning is pretty Epic. Past some of London's most iconic buildings and prettiest views. Then Duke spends the day with his friends at Gravity. He loves being part of their team - he's even got a portrait on the wall with the rest of the crew.

He has his own desk where he keeps an eye on things and people pop past for pawsitive reinforcement.

We think his favourite time of the day is when he gets to walk along the South Bank and meet some adoring fans!

"Do any of you have Bacon?"

He comes home happy and exhausted! And we love hearing what he's got up to in the day with a report from his line manager!

We made a little video so you can see. Its a bit jumpy - walking with a fidgety frenchie, your oyster card and handbag is quite challenging. Not gonna lie. We promise to get better at this!

We hope you enjoy it (our favourite part is how he asks to get let into meeting rooms..... and then out again)! If you'd like to hear more about what he gets up to in the day - let us know, we can make it a regular feature!


The Team at DLF

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