Infusion No 2 (fur and skin tonic)

Infusion No 2 (fur and skin tonic)


Natural raspberry leaf and green tea botanical fur and skin tonic.

4 X 70/90mm (bags)

Infusion No.2 Taking a different direction to traditional lotion-based conditioners, immerse yourself in natural botanical elements to condition the fur and skin, raspberry leaf renowned for its natural anti-oxidant properties and green tea renowned for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Packaged in 100% recycled packaging and contains two botanical sessions, to make life simpler the packaging doubles up as the container to brew and infuse the tonic, there is even a recycled wooden spoon, everything you need to spend a perfect moment with your adorable hairy four legged friend.

Rubus Idaeus, Camellia sinensis.

Remove lid, then remove the four infusion bags and wooden spoon from the packaging. Place two infusing bags in the packaging tub, carefully pour in 600 ml of hot water, using the wooden spoon agitate the infusing bags, place on the packaging lid carefully, Do not force the lid to avoid scolding. Allow product to completely cool for one hour, remove infusion bags and dispose responsibly, then gently pour over wet fur, gently massage in to fur and skin, leave product for 5 minutes then rinse with warm water. Product allows for two sessions, please retain packaging  avoid contact with eyes and although harmless avoid ingesting. NOTE If reaction occurs please discontinue use.

May contain nuts.