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Our 2017 Gift Guide

Once you have a dog, do you really need anymore gifts? Best present in the world amirite? Well, besides more dogs (obviously), we thought we would share our list of the coolest gifts for that dog lover in your life - who has everything but would love these as much as Duke loves bacon! Perfect for Christmas, birthdays .... or because 2018 IS THE YEAR OF THE DOGGO... and that needs some celebrating yo! You've been Faced portrait - From £20 Hattie is the founder and designer of the quirky and fab Faced. This company will take your chosen photo and make the perfect personalised present for the person who has everything. You can choose from a selection of products or print

We are all Crazy Dog Ladies.

There's that famous quote: "Everyone thinks that they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong." WR Purche I dont know who WR Purche was but he must have been one crazy dog lady. I certainly am. Aren't we all? My friend, Katie (from asked me how having dogs in my life changed my world. I hadn't really thought about it before. I have had, and fiercely loved, our family dogs most of my life and they have most certainly impacted me as a person. But none so much as when I locked eyes with a little fawn frenchie called Duke. Here's our story.

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