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Dogs make us happy. 

And we'd like to return the favour.

Duke loves Fergie  is a pet brand offering stylish apparel for the urban dog.

The dude in charge is a little french bulldog, Duke, who (just like his name implies) is all personality - you know small dog....big ego?! Just kidding... he's your typical Londoner. Super confident, a little eccentric but definitely knows what he likes! 

What we were coming across in store just didn't fit with this smart arse, funny, cute, little Londoner. So we started this lil company - a pet brand offering stylish apparel for the urban dog. We have our own branded products but we also curate brands from some of the coolest designers and dog brands we know. Products that are cute but not cutesy. Products that fit into your home without compromising on your personal style. Products that enable you to represent your best friend the way you represent yourself. We draw our inspiration from the sights and culture of the best city in the world, London, as well as our furry fans we meet in this amazing city. 

We love what we do, because we love dogs. And we are striving to create more unique, stylish and trendy pieces - so keep an eye on our website as we add more essentials for the urban pooch... and please throw us a bone if you've seen something cool out think we should do! 

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